Repair & Maintenance

We have a “lifetime” of experience within the company and employ a trained and experienced workforce. This also applies to the sub-contractors that we use; all of whom have a long and proven track record with the company.

The majority of our repair and maintenance work is rectifying damage caused by water ingress and we are experts in this field.  We are very experienced in taking things apart and putting them back together (with repairs) exactly as they were before the damage occurred including any from safety checks on your residential to commercial gas or calling in a locksmith to make sure your locks are secure or removals services to matching brickwork, mortar, woodwork, ceramic tiles, kitchen worktops, decoration and staircases.  Where necessary we will also do landscaping to return gardens, patios and driveways to their original condition.  Most of our work is in occupied houses so we pride ourselves on being clean and tidy as well as minimising disruption.

SIS Construction will always try to use sustainable products whilst using modern building methods.