SIS Construction undertakes major projects on behalf of public sector and commercial building owners as well as for major contractors.  One of our recent projects was to completely replace the roof of a very large, and old, residential building (actually a converted hospital) in the centre of Cheltenham.

This job presented SIS Construction with a number of challenges (which we were able to meet)…

  1. The roof area was very large
  2. We had to investigate the roof and decide the best way of replacing it
  3. The tiles were very old so we had to find an exact match for the old slate tiles and for the unusual ornate ridge tiles

In doing this work we had to satisfy not only the managing agents of the building, (who had commissioned the project) but also the local authority planning department (as it was a historic building in the centre of town) and the residents (who had commissioned an independent roofing expert to assess the plans and the work).

I’m delighted to say that SIS Construction rose to the challenges of this demanding project and completed a quality job within the agreed timescale and cost whilst meeting the needs of all the interested parties.

The pictures below show the scale of the work, the nature of the building and the style of the roof tiles.