Subsidence, Underpinning & Piling

One of the major structural problems that may affect houses is subsidence.  This is where parts of the house foundation move or sink resulting in cracks and sticking doors or windows.  The causes of subsidence are where the house foundations have not been dug deep enough, where clay soil contracts (due to the water table falling or due to large tree routes) or where water leakage washes soil away from the foundations.

For severe cases of subsidence, underpinning or piling is necessary to resolve the problem.  This can be a lengthy, costly and disruptive process.  Essentially, underpinning and piling is building a new foundation underneath the existing foundation which provides a strongerand more stable base.  This will usually involve putting a ‘table’ underneath the existing foundations and supporting that table with deep piles.  If your subsidence problems require underpinning or piling then you need to employ an expert contractor to do the work.

Fortunately, the NHBC Buildmark warranty covers subsidence in new homes for up to 10 years.  Subsidence is also covered in most normal building insurance policies.

SIS Construction has got substantial experience in resolving subsidence problems and in undertaking underpinning projects.  We work with structural engineers and groundworks contractors to analyse the causes of subsidence, the piling experts will design the best solution and then implement that solution.  We are acutely aware of the impact this work has on householders (and possibly their neighbours) and will work to achieve a quality solution whilst minimising disruption.

SIS Construction has been retained to do underpinning and piling work by NHBC and by other insurance companies.  We have also been directly engaged by major contractors to conduct underpinning and piling work on their behalf.

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