Q. Do I have to pay Vat?

A. Vat is payable at the current rate.

Q. What is a provisional sum?

A. The words “Provisional Sum” where used in the estimate or specification indicate the amount included therein to cover a specific item of work and the estimate is subject to adjustment by substituting for the provisional sum, where the item of work is carried out by a sub-contractor, the amount payable to such sub-contractor plus a supervisory charge not exceeding 20 per cent or where the item of work is carried out by the Builder a price agreed therefore or in accordance with the National Schedules of Daywork Charges.

Q. What is Prime Cost or PC?

A. The words “prime cost” or “p.c.” where used in the estimate or specification indicate the net amount proposed to be paid by the Builder to a merchant or manufacturer for the supply and/or fixing of the item concerned together with such cash discount not exceeding 20 per cent as the Builder shall obtain.  Should the net amounts in fact payable by the Builder in respect of prime cost or p.c. items together with such cash discounts prove to be higher or lower than the prime cost or p.c. amounts then the difference shall be added to or deducted from the quoted price.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit upon acceptance of a quote?

A. For private customers we normally require a 25 per cent deposit on commencement, with 50 per cent to be paid during the course of the works, and the balance, plus any possible extra works carried out, paid within 7 days from receipt of the final account.

Q. Are your operatives all Health and Safety trained?

A. All of our operatives are First Aid and Health & Safety trained.

Q. Are you members of any trade organisations?

A. Yes. We are members and a remedial works contractor for the NHBC, a member of The Building Safety Group, a member of The National Federation of Builders, NHBC Safemark approved, and Exor Accredited. All of these detail can be found on our accreditation page of the web site.

Q. Do you employ all trades?

A. Yes we employ all trades.

Q. Will my work be regularly supervised?

A. Yes your work will be supervised and run with a contracts manager and or a Director of SIS.

Q. How do you accept payment?

A. Cheque or bank transfer.

Q. Do your staff wear uniforms?

A. All of our staff wear SIS Construction uniforms and carry identification cards.

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