Water Ingress into Conservatory

SIS Construction recently resolved a problem for some clients who had water leaking into their conservatory.

The conservatory and an extension had been built onto the main house over 10 years ago.  The problem was that water leaked into the conservatory whenever there was a heavy rainstorm.  In addition, water was overflowing from a drainpipe and this was making the wall damp.

After an initial investigation we determined the cause.  The conservatory was sited against the house and there was a large lead lined gutter between it and the house.  The lead had not been properly installed and was not of sufficient quality.  The joints between the sheets of lead in the gutter had not been welted allowing water to seep through these joints.  In addition, the lead gutter was flat whereas it should have had a gradient to help water flow down along it into the drainpipe.

We stripped out the old lead guttering and made a slight gradient to help the water flow.  We then used a specialist leading contractor to install new lead guttering.  We installed higher quality lead (Code 5 Lead rather than the substandard Code 4 Lead which had been originally installed).  We installed T-Pren neoprene expansion joints which allows the lead to move as it contracts and expands whilst still maintaining water tightness.  We also installed lead flashing on the wall chasing this into the brickwork.

We also replaced the drainpipe fed from that gutter.  The original drainpipe had been poorly constructed (with leaks at several points) and was too small to handle the volume of water.

SIS Construction of Hungerford in Berkshire are experts at investigating and rectifying water ingress.  We do work for both individuals and major insurance companies.  If you have a problem with water ingress then please give us a call on 01488 648923, email us or use our Enquiry Form. related: fresh water

January 22nd, 2014 - Posted in SIS Constuction - News
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